Transaction Price List


Private IBAN (KYC included) €0,00
Corporate EU IBAN €100,00
Corporate non-EU IBAN €200,00
Monthly fee private IBAN €0,99
Monthly fee corporate IBAN €6,99


SEPA/FPS IN vIBAN private EU (min. 2 EUR) 0,5%
SEPA/FPS OUT vIBAN private EU (min. 2 EUR) 0,3%
SEPA/FPS IN vIBAN private non-EU (min. 5 EUR) 0,6%
SEPA/FPS OUT vIBAN private non-EU (min. 5 EUR) 0,4%
SEPA IN vIBAN corporate EU (min. 5 EUR) 0,5%
SEPA OUT vIBAN corporate EU (min. 5 EUR) 0,35%
SEPA In-Out vIBAN corporate non-EU (min. 25 EUR) 0,5%
In-Out Internal Transfers Free
Inbound International SWIFT1 transfers to the Client 0.5%, min USD 25
Outbound International SWIFT2 transfers from the Client 0.5%, min USD 25
Fiat to Crypto Exchange for the White Label Client 1,15%
Fiat to Crypto Exchange for the users (public) of the White Label Client Min, 1,50%
Crypto to Crypto Exchange Free
Crypto Withdrawal to external wallet Blockchain Fees

Card Transactions

Card Issuance Physical (MOQ 1000) €6,99
Card Issuance Virtual €1,49
Monthly Management Fee per Card €1,10
Card Onboarding €3,99
Card load/unload/balance payments €1,65+1%
Fee per PoS transactions €0,04
Chargeback €30,00
ATM withdrawal 1,5% + €1,90
Purchase PoS (Intl) €0,45
ATM Decline €0,55
Currency exchange card payment 5% + interchange
Card balance inquiries by merchant €0,02
Payment confirmation business account €25,00
Payment confirmation private account €10,00


Payment reversal fee €50,00
Official reference letter business account €25,00
Official reference letter private account €10,00
Account closing business €75,00
Recall Fee €35,00
Refund Fee SEPA €2,00
Return Fee €2,00
Investigation €50,00
Non-standard documents €150,00
Account closing for Compliance Reason €200,00
Closed account monthly maintenance fee if balance positive €300,00
The fees specified herein are displayed solely for informational purposes and should not be construed as a definitive representation of the actual fees charged by our platform. The fee information does not constitute a contractual agreement or a legally binding obligation on the part of our platform. Actual fees may vary based on specific account types, geographical locations, transaction volumes, and other factors. Additional fees, such as third-party fees, transactional fees, foreign exchange fees, blockchain transaction fees and account maintenance charges, may also apply.